9 Remarkable Health Benefits of a Reclining Chair

Recliners in the home are a comfortable way to spend leisure time, from watching TV to reading a book. Putting your feet up after a stressful workday is an excellent way to unwind.

Many households have at least one recliner, some of which are power recliners. The advanced features of power recliners make them a popular choice. However, not many people know they have health benefits beyond relaxation, whether they’re manual or power types.

1. Relieve Lower Extremity Pressure

The design of recliner chairs typically supports the natural curvature of the body. Activating the recliner feature elevates your legs and feet, releasing them from gravity’s pressure. Recliners support the muscles, allowing them to relax and recharge.

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2. Ease Back Pain

Approximately 619 million people globally experience lower back pain in 2020. Among other causes, sitting upright for prolonged periods can result in chronic back pain.

The ergonomics of recliners make them more comfy than regular chairs. An adequately designed recliner can help reduce stress on the spine and back muscles. The off-loading posture is specifically beneficial for people who sit all day in an office.

3. Facilitate Breathing

Obstructive sleep apnea affects about 30 million Americans, leading to health effects such as memory and cardiovascular issues. Treatment ranges from positive airway pressure therapy to surgery. However, recliners provide a quick and easy solution.

The inclined position of the body while sleeping allows your diaphragm to open and helps you breathe. While you might not always want to sleep in a recliner, it can serve as a temporary solution until you find a long-term one.

4. Enhance Circulation

Gravity is not your friend when circulating blood throughout your body. It exerts downward pressure on the body, potentially hindering blood flow. A recliner position distributes the force of gravity more evenly, allowing pooled blood in the extremities to circulate more freely. Suppose you notice some swelling in your legs and feet. Put your feet up in a recliner for relief.

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5. Reduce Stress

Recliners are generally cozy, providing a space to enjoy and relax. The reclining position eases tension from your body, allowing the stress to dissipate and lower anxiety. Reducing stress can clear your mind, making you think better and be more productive overall. Many people find it easier to cope with depression and other mental issues without stress.

6. Correct Posture

You might not know it, but most people (71 percent) have bad posture that can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Recliners with a backrest follow the spine’s natural curve, enabling you to maintain a good posture that promotes spine health and prevents back pain.

7. Allow Power Naps

Sleeping on the job might not sound like a good idea, but power naps can make you more alert and focused. Recliners in the home or office allow you to take power naps without dozing off for longer than you intend. Some power recliners also have massage and vibration functions that further enhance relaxation.

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8. Boost Immunity

Whether in a power nap or longer sleep, recliners can boost your immunity by allowing your body to breathe correctly and relax completely. Proper rest encourages the release of hormones and antibodies that fight disease. When you can breathe freely, you take in more oxygen, helping the lymphatic system function better. The reclining position lets your body eject carbon dioxide, helping you maintain healthy respiration.

9. Promote Healing

Suppose you were in an accident and sustained injuries that would take a significant recovery period at home. A recliner is easier to get in and out of than a bed, so you can rest comfortably and still be reasonably independent.

Suppose you were able to recover compensation for a negligent accident. You should invest in a high-end power recliner with all the bells and whistles. You can activate and deactivate the reclining and other functions with a push of a button. It would not require you to engage muscles to reach for a lever and recline the backrest.

Some power recliner chairs also allow micro-adjustments for each part of the chair. You can customize the position to suit your comfort level and needs. You can recline it slightly to read and watch TV or, more deeply, to take a nap. Finally, some power recliners have heat and massage features, so consider those for accelerated healing.

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Finding the Right Recliner

Not all recliners are the same, so don’t rush to a decision. You should consider all your needs before purchasing one, including its intended home location, mobility level, size and weight, and your budget. Here are some of the critical considerations when finding the right recliner:

Price tag: Your budget is crucial for finding the best chair. Some chairs are cheaper than others, notably manually operated, as they have fewer moving parts and less complicated mechanisms. The best providers will offer flexible payment plans, so look out for this when sourcing your recliner.

Manual or electric: This is the most critical question. An electric recliner chair will give you the best movement but at a higher price. While electric recliners are convenient, manual options provide good actions. Even swivel recliners have simple but elegant mechanisms to orient yourself.

Motor power: Presuming you choose an electric recliner chair, you must decide the amount of power you need. Powered recliners have single, dual, triple, or even quad motors. The more power, the more flexibility you have. You can also move the foot or headrests independently with multiple motors.

Styles: You can easily find a sofa chair if that is what you prefer, and they will have the same movement functions. You might also benefit from a more upright recliner armchair design for an office room. Think carefully about the design and style of the chair that you need and the space where it will go.

Fabric type: Depending on your selected brand or model, you can customize your chair’s fabric. Plenty of manufacturers have a vast array of fabric options. You will surely find something that ideally matches your tastes and the room’s current decor.

Back type: Recliners come with several types of backs, each providing a different seating experience. A waterfall back will provide extra lumbar support, while a button back will give you sturdy support. It would be best to consider the chair’s back height, which can vary considerably.

Features: Recliners come with functionalities and accessories that can enhance your overall experience. Those with electric motors often come with remote controls, making it easier to move around. Chairs with drink holders can also be helpful, so consider your needs before buying.

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There is much more to picking the best recliner chair for your needs than sitting in it once and finding it comfortable. Down the line, you may find it unsuitable for your requirements, so considering your options is very important. Think carefully and try out several styles and brands before making a decision.

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