A Simple Guide To Destiny 2’s Crota’s End Raid

Destiny 2’s Crota’s End raid is a journey shrouded in danger and mystery. Nestled within the eerie landscapes of the Moon, this venture demands guardians to bring forth their A-game to vanquish the Hive prince, Crota, and his menacing horde. This extensive guide aims to equip you with a thorough understanding of each segment of Crota’s End, ensuring a well-prepared assault against the darkness awaiting.

Crota’s End Raid guides by section

There are four different encounters in Crota’s End. For each, we’ve developed a special guide that will walk you through how to:

  • Traverse The Abyss
  • Cross The Oversoul Throne Bridge
  • Defeat Ir Yut, the Deathsinger
  • Kill Crota, Son of Oryx

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Traverse The Abyss

In the Abyss section of the Crota’s End Raid in Destiny 2, your objective is to navigate through a dark, perilous area, lighting a series of lamps to reach a circular platform and then construct a bridge to advance to the next section.

Starting Off:

  • The traversal begins when the first player picks up the Chalice of Light.
  • Divide your team into two groups: one group of four passing the Chalice around and using Enlightenment, and the other group of two focusing on clearing adds (additional enemies).

Navigating to Lamps:

  • Proceed from lamp to lamp, charging the Chalice of Light and using it to activate the lamps.
  • Some lamps require activation via a Dock; one player places the Chalice in the Dock, and another removes it to proceed.
  • Be cautious as lamps explode after a short duration, potentially killing nearby Guardians.

Managing Debuffs:

  • A debuff called Weight of Darkness accumulates over time, hindering your mobility. Lamps help to reduce this debuff.
  • Ensure you’re continuously moving to avoid fatal explosions from the lamps and to manage the debuff.

Reaching the Platform:

  • Once all lamps are passed, reach the circular platform.
  • Dock and remove the Chalice to initiate the bridge-building sequence, passing the Chalice around to hasten the bridge’s construction.

Defending Against Ogres:

  • Defend against Unstoppable Ogres, utilizing Unstoppable mods to eliminate them.
  • Wait for the bridge to fully construct before crossing over to the next section.

Crossing the Bridge:

  • Carefully cross the bridge, avoiding swinging pendulums, and sprint through the brightly lit hallway to the open doorway, advancing to the next encounter​​.

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Cross The Oversoul Throne Bridge


  • The main goal is to build a bridge, cross it, and defeat blue Hive Knights known as Gatekeepers.

Bridge Construction:

  • The bridge is constructed by standing on a plate and empowering it with the Enlightened buff obtained from the Chalice mechanic.
  • Guardians need to stand under both Annihilator Totems on the same side as the activated plate to prevent a party wipe.

Crossing the Bridge:

  • The bridge can only be crossed by Guardians holding the Chalice or wielding a Hive Sword.
  • Hive Swords are dropped by special Knights called Swordbearers, and Guardians need to be Enlightened to pick them up.

Eliminating Gatekeepers:

  • Upon crossing, Guardians with Hive Swords must find and kill Gatekeepers, then dock the swords at specific docks.


  • Continue sending Guardians across to kill Gatekeepers and dock swords.
  • Once three Guardians are across, they’ll hold the totems and plate on that side while others cross.

Final Phase

  • Once all Guardians have crossed, clear all enemies until a large group of Gatekeepers spawn.
  • Use the preserved Hive Swords to eliminate all Gatekeepers and advance to the next phase of the raid​.

Defeat Ir Yut, the Deathsinger

Shield Break

  • Eliminate Shieldsinger Wizards to drop Ir Yut’s shield.
  • Once a Wizard is killed, Liturgy of Ruin starts, lasting 45 seconds.

DPS Phase

  • Damage Ir Yut significantly within these 45 seconds to halt the Liturgy.


  • If needed, repeat the process in subsequent phases, with an extra Shieldsinger Wizard appearing each time.

DPS Options

  • Use Divinity for accuracy due to Ir Yut’s mobility, and high-DPS supers or weapons like Thundercrash or Sleeper Simulant to maximize damage output​.

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Kill Crota, Son of Oryx

Initial Preparation

  • The battle begins in the same arena as the Ir Yut encounter.
  • All fireteam members should press against the crystal in the central chamber; once done, Crota appears, and the fight starts.


  • Use the Chalice of Light to get at least three members Enlightened.
  • Assign roles: two Guardians will handle Hive Swords to bring down Crota’s Shields, one as the primary Oversoul eliminator, and another as a backup/last stand Oversoul eliminator.


  • Clear enemies and eliminate Hive Boomer Knights in towers to spawn a Swordbearer and two ogres.
  • Kill the ogres but leave the Swordbearer until a sword wielder is Enlightened and ready to pick up a sword.

Shield Break and DPS

  • Sword wielders use Hive Swords to break Crota’s Shield, then everyone unloads DPS.
  • Crota summons the Oversoul, which must be destroyed by the Enlightened Oversoul eliminator to end the damage phase.


  • Follow the same steps until Crota’s health is low, triggering his last stand mode.
  • Have an extra person Enlightened to handle additional Oversouls. Crota will summon an indestructible Oversoul; you have until its timer expires to eliminate Crota.

Weapon Recommendations

  • Close-range weapons like Lament, Falling Guillotine, and shotguns like Zenith of Your Kind are effective.
  • A Warlock with Well of Radiance is useful for healing, and Tractor Cannon is recommended to reduce the number of Swords needed to break Crota’s Shields and to increase damage during the DPS phase​​.

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Crota’s End is more than a raid; it’s a narrative crafted with each step taken into the unknown. The camaraderie built, strategies refined, and treasures unearthed contribute to the epic tale of heroism against the encroaching darkness. Through thorough preparation, seamless coordination, and a relentless spirit, Guardians can traverse the abyss, face the horrors within, and emerge victorious against the haunting menace that is Crota.