Seeing Vijay Sethupathi in Jawan, people got angry on Atlee, said- ruined him in the role of villain

Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Jawaan’, directed by Atlee, is currently roaring in theatres. The film made bumper earnings on the very first day and it is expected that it is set to break all the records of the Hindi film industry. While Shahrukh Khan is tricking people in different roles in the film, Vijay Sethupathi is seen in the role of villain in ‘Jawaan’. Now people who have seen the films have taken to Twitter and said that in this film, a brilliant actor like Vijay Sethupathi has been wasted in the role of a weak villain.

Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Jawaan’ is also getting a lot of positive reactions from the fans of South Cinema. Theaters in Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai and many other cities were seen houseful with audiences. However, what people are feeling bad about is Thalapathy Vijay i.e. the character of Kali in the film. Although every actor and every character of the film is being praised a lot and Thalapathy Vijay has also played his role well. As soon as the film was released, Thalapathy Vijay’s fans also flocked to the theaters to see their favorite star playing the role of a dangerous villain. At the same time, some fans have expressed disappointment over Vijay’s role and are comparing his character of Kali with his previous villain characters.

People seem angry with the character of ‘Kali’

Soon after watching the initial screening, many people posted on social media praising the film and also praised the stellar performances of the star cast, which also includes Nayanthara and Deepika Padukone. In many posts going viral from theatres, Shahrukh Khan has been praised a lot. Some people have expressed their displeasure by questioning Vijay’s role.

Has the strength to handle a lot of Shahrukhs alone

One user said – If anyone can handle the many Shahrukh Khans, then it is only Vijay Sethupathi, he has done wonders in the role of villain.

Some people find Vijay Sethupathi deadly

However, there are many people who have said that Vijay’s role was as strong as Shahrukh Khan and he played the perfect role of a deadly villain in front of Shahrukh Khan.

‘An artist like Vijay Sethupathi was ruined in the film’

Some users have written that such a brilliant actor was wasted in the film ‘Jawaan’. Some people said about the star’s previous villain role, ‘Vijaysethupathi was shown so brilliantly as a villain in the film Vikram, but in this film Jawan directed by Atlee, he is weak, who missed out on capturing Vijay. ‘

People are comparing him with his negative role in Master Vikram

Another agreed, saying, ‘Vijay Sethupathi’s villain role seemed much weaker to me compared to his negative role in Master Vikram, even though his role in Jawan is much bigger. You had a wonderful actor, Vijay Sethupathi seems to be playing such a weak role.

‘Comedy punchline given to such a strong villain’

Another wrote in a tweet, ‘The big drawback for Jawaan is that Vijaysethupathi’s character lacked the intimidating style of a strong villain as the maker has created and he gives one comedy punchline after another.’

Shahrukh Khan in double role, seen in 7 different avatars

Shah Rukh Khan is in a double role in the film ‘Jawaan’. However, many different avatars of his have been seen, seeing which the audience is also quite surprised. In this film, some issues related to society and common man have been raised, the basis of which starts from corruption. In the film, Shahrukh plays the role of a police officer, who is forced to hide himself and present himself to the world.

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